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Found 20 results

  1. As the title suggessts, items can not be removed from the belt once assigned. Even if the items is consumed, it is not removed from the belt.
  2. I deactivate "Protective Barrier-Phoenix Flame" yesterday When I need to activate it today,it lose the chaos As screenshot, my total chaos point is 23 but Now,my used point is 21 I lose it
  3. My quest is to follow my allies but they stop moving. While doing the quest I got teleported in arena after that they stop moving. What should I do?
  4. la1t

    Quest bug

    EN In the daily tasks at the location "Mines" does not show what number of "Skalozhuev" you need to kill. Although the kill counter is spinning and you need to kill 10 monsters. RU В ежедневных заданиях на рудниках не показывается количество Скаложуев, которых нужно убить. Но счётчик убитых крутиться и там нужно шлёпнуть 10 штук.
  5. EN Hello. I play in the "Shadow" class. After using the "Step through the Shadow" ability, which teleports the character behind the enemy's back, while doing damage, my character ended up at the top of the cliff. At the same time, the monster died from below. A similar thing is observed with walls in PVP arenas. Melee characters can hit through walls. ---------- RU Здравствуйте. Играю на классе "Тень". После использования способности "Шаг сквозь тень", которая телепортирует персонажа за спину противнику, нанося при этом урон, мой персонаж оказался наверху скалы. При этом монстр умер снизу (видно по сундучку с лутом снизу). Похожее наблюдается и со стенами на PVP аренах. Персонажи ближнего боя могут бить через стены.
  6. Keatz

    New Boss

    Is this some kind of a new boss??? It was easy to kill but didn't drop anything & moreover I thought it might be a bug..we waited for this boss to respawn after the first kill but other boss(mili militia Archer) respawn..so i just wanna make sure whether it is a new boss or bug... & Btw it's a lv 14 boss...
  7. A um tempo presenciei um bug na entrada da Adamantine Grotto, mais precisamente no lado sentinela na entrada perto do NPC que iniciou uma tarefa nível 9 dentro da Grotto. É possível ignorar a escadaria e entrar por trás do teletransporte que leva a Grotto, na parte superior da montanha onde fica a entrada
  8. Hello, I would like to report an error. When I enter the dungeon, an error occurs and exits the loading screen and goes to the characters. Upon entering the character again, he enters.
  9. Ola, gostaria de saber se isso é certo Tem um monstro na primeira caverna PvP que está dando stun sem parar e o pior e que na maioria das vezes você acaba morrendo sem a menor chance de matar ele. Detalhe que você não pode dar o ataque básico não pode usar potes de hp não pode fazer nada!
  10. RustoDeAnimo

    chest bug

    when opening a large arena chest, only 1 item fell out 😞
  11. Hi yesterday i was doing daily quest and suddenly my hero not move I try relog 3 times still not moves hopefully i got mobs around... so i unequiped and only had my bow on to hit the one of mobs to kill me ...idk what and why it happens maybe that area is bugged or... i just wanted to report thus thx
  12. Здравствуйте, поддержка, мой ник в игре - Ghostspeed, и я обнаружил ошибку в ежедневном задании, после использования навыка прыгающего охотника, я застрял в стенах или в другом месте, я не могу выбраться оттуда, просто умираю или иду на арену, это заставляет меня появляться на статуе.
  13. hi there i have reported some bugs already and one more bug i find whenever i level up my hero hp goes lower lol it must get higher but when i leveled to 10 it get low and now im lvl 12 and my hp get more lower and my lvl still on lv10 ... pls fix it my account name : puppymaster thanks!
  14. Puppymaster

    Dungeon bugs

    Hi there There i found another bug.. I'm lvl 11 but when i enter a dg my lvl goes down to 7 and now i can't even enter dg when i got the party and we send into dg game says failed loading location and i can't log for 10 -20mins my hero please fix it
  15. Puppymaster

    Level bug

    Hello there I'm so loving this game and just started to play it i mean now I'm level 11 and close to 12 but my level bug I'm lv11 but it shows 10 and my hp goes low from 5500 to 4400 Everytime i try arena my lvl be 11 but after arena again my lvl bug and be on 10 i took some ss
  16. Монстры могут атаковать через препятствия, так же можно атаковать и их
  17. Jeffrs

    Riddler bug

    Found this bug in the dialogue box where he says how to destroy the barrier PROJETOS1_2020_04_28_1_s.mp4
  18. KenJoy

    Teleport bug

    When i teleport into a waypoint, it sometimes teleport me into a random place without even a waypoint (mostly in an area i have been recently). I encountered this bug a couple of times already.
  19. Davi

    Bug em batalha

    Na hora do combate, se um oppnente estiver em segundo andar e o outro estiver no primeiro o conbate continua normalmente..a seguir na imagem... E outro, quando os mobs usam habilidades mesmo depois de morto o habilidade continua a ser executada.
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