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Daily quest system


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Daily quest system

This article is about one of the new mechanics of the third open alpha test of Skylore — dynamically changing zones and new system of daily quests.

Participants of the past tests are familiar with the Bulletin Board. This feature was typical to any MMORPGs and gave an opportunity to take and complete several daily quests — uncomplicated separate tasks — and then repeat the process after some time.

We decided to abandon this system. Now you can find all available daily quests in your journal. In addition, the quests have a completely different look based on a new mechanic called "dynamically changing zones".

What is it?

A dynamic zone is a certain area in a location that assumes various forms over time: interactive objects, buildings, flora and fauna change. Arinar seems to have a life of its own!

These parts of locations are primarily available for daily quests. You can get access to them upon reaching a certain level. As soon as it happens, the quests will immediately appear in your journal.

The goal of this quest will be to complete several subquests aimed at solving the problem that arose on the territory and the final stage will be the battle with the main villain.

How it works?

The third open alpha test will have 6 dynamic zones: 1 for Goodwoods, 1 for Factory, 2 for Somber Swamp and 2 more for Scorched Highlands.

Any area can take one of three states. Moreover, each state is unique — with its main quest, a set of subquests, the appearance of the territory, monsters and interactive objects.

As soon as the time allotted for the main quest expires, the region changes its state, and together with it the main quest and objects of the environment change too.


For completing each of the subquests the player receives a little of gold, knowledge points and Archeon crowns. The last of the listed currency is already familiar to the participants of past tests, however, now you can buy on it not equipment but items to improve the quality of your equipment! We`ll talk about this in detail in one of the following articles.

For defeating the boss you get the same reward but in larger amount, as well as an additional bonus — a chest with valuable items.

Let's look at the example!

So, we will analyze the dynamic zone at the Factory location.

Upon reaching a certain level, you will find a quest in your journal, according to which you need to go to a mine located in the eastern part of the Factory.


For Legion players it’s not a secret that Necromancers don’t disdain to use creatures resurrected by dark magic to do dirty work, for example, in mines. They’re great for cheap labor. However, the debugged mechanism began to fail and you need to figure out why the supply stopped.

Having reached the mine, we find ourselves in one of the zone states. At the moment it is an attack of the local fauna, attracted by the noise from the extraction of mineral resources. It must be stopped!

To repulse the attack, it is necessary to complete the subquests:


  • Defeat the lizards
  • Undermine the tunnel from which they climbed out
  • Free the captives
  • Catch the little ore eaters


After completing all the subquests, we get the quest to battle with the leader of the pack. We defeat the boss, get a reward and go in search of new adventures.

But where are the changes at the location?

Now let's imagine that some time has passed. We get a new main quest automatically and set off for the goal: recently freed from the invasion workers launched a riot! The soldiers on the fronts of the Legion need weapons, which means the blacksmiths need resources. It is urgent to crush the workers' revolt, restore order in the mines and supplies!

We take the necessary inventory and perform the subquests:


  • Mining ore
  • Dealing with the most ardent rebels
  • Repair robotic guards
  • Return the stolen equipment


The final quest will be the battle with the instigator of the rebellion. We defeat the boss and receive gratitude from the leadership in the form of a valuable reward.

Now you can go in search of other adventures again, but who knows what might happen in the mines of Factory next time?!


What is worth remembering


  • All available quests in dynamic zones will always be in your journal.
  • After completing all the available quests in dynamic zones, you can find an indicator in the journal that will show the time before updating the nearest dynamic zone.
  • After the time allotted for the main quest is out, the state of the area will change, and with it the progress of all incomplete subquests will be reset.
  • The main quest and subquests are identical on all channels for all characters, so if workers in the mines of Factory staged a riot, then it will be on all channels.
  • Quests can be completed independently or in a group, however, joint progress is compensated only for subquests related to the killing of monsters and the main boss.
  • In the future, we plan to add new states, subquests and interactivity to existing zones. Also, by changing states, the same main quest will include completely different subquests.



This is how we see a way to make daily activities varied and fun! What do you think? Write comments in our group, on the forum or in Discord, and see you on testing!

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