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Dungeon rework


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On most MMOs I've played, I'm a PVE player, unfortunately on this one the PVE is a bit left out. 
Why not differentiate the stats of the PVE and PVP stuff, more resistance on the pvp stuff and more attack and power on the PVE stuff?
Why not put the damage inflicted to the bosses during the fights? it would add a competitive spirit.
Why not give chests to open instantly at the end of dungeons? PVP have the different leagues and instant rewards. 
I think there are things to do on the PVE side that could add some fun!

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Thank you for your time and your respond.

And an other idea like had a time for differents chest, like if you finish the dungeon under 9mins you get a blue one or something like that. And can be used in arena too if you win before the time end or like 10 to 0 kill, you'd get a better chest. 



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