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[2023.01.31] 1.14 Update: Changelog


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Let's talk about the changes and fixes added in client version 1.14:

  • Changes have been made to the display of information about the availability of rewards for defeating world bosses. Now, when you are at the location of the monster, you can find out if they are alive now, and if not, how much time is left before their reappearance.
  • The description of the item “Potion of Purification” has been changed. Its use removes certain damage over time effects from the character - burning, bleeding and poisoning.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game client to force quit when receiving rewards from chests from game modes.
  • The abilities of the monsters of the Thorn Hollow dungeon have been changed. Now each enemy, depending on the appearance, has a unique set of abilities — inflicting damage in ranged or melee combat, negative effects, control, or spells that enhance other monsters.
  • The in-game store icon has been changed. Also, a special animation has been added to the button, which displays the presence of unviewed changes, such as updating the assortment or the availability of special offers.
  • Fixed some animations in the Activity Center.
  • The notification center window will now automatically close after all notifications are hidden.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the reloading of the altars for summoning leaders in the “Path of the Faceless” location began before defeating the Beast.
  • The SkyPass window has been updated to provide more information about the mechanics associated with the Season Pass.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a system message about changing the chat region when moving between locations.
  • The summoning of animal spirits by the Hunter is no longer accompanied by a system message when completing Treaties with Gorgorush.
  • The in-game help for the Guild War mechanics has been updated.

This list of changes is only a small part of the work we have done for this update. We will present the main content as an upcoming game event, which will take place in February. Stay tuned for the news so you don't miss its launch and other important information!

See you in the game!

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please keep the "established" inconsistency in naming.

English version - Gorgor

Russian version - Горгоруш

Do not call them "Gorgorush". You don't translit the names of the world bosses, and instead use translation that accounts for specifics of the language. So please keep it like this for the smaller things as well. This is part of the game's charm.

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