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Level bug


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Hello there I'm so loving this game and just started to play it i mean now I'm level 11 and close to 12 but my level bug 

I'm lv11 but it shows 10 and my hp goes low from 5500 to 4400  

Everytime i try arena my lvl be 11 but after arena again my lvl bug and be on 10 i took some ss 



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Level changing is not a bug (I believe), it changes everyone's level to the level of the lowest player in your team so that it's more balanced. That's for Arena. As for other locations, same thing: In Echo city the max level is 10, so if you're above that, your level will be set back along with your stats, to be balanced with players that are below lvl10. You can see that it's symbolized by the little arrow-down under the 10 near your name.

Hope you get what I mean.

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