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Regeneration does not Stack


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Have tried in multiple ways but notice that the REGENERATION status does not actually stack up to 5 like description says but refreshes instead. This is a concern as it forces Guardians to be pure Tanks to reduce total damage taken (high Resistance low HP Regeneration) and does not encourage Solo or Bruiser style builds (lower Resistance but Higher Ability Power) allowing for much higher Regeneration Values and Burst Damage. Have had other Guardians in my guild confirm this.


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If that is the case the description needs to be changed (i believe its due to the conversion into english and should read.

"DURATION stacks based on EFFECT."

Not the other way around. Every Guardian i have asked about this, all read the description as a traditional stack method in which the value of the Regeneration goes up not the duration of the Regeneration. I have had several players tell me that it is one of the reasons they quit playing Guardian unless the class gets a rework as the Regeneration "Stack'ing" is unique to this game compared to other MMORPGs that rely on just high Defense and CC. Higher Regeneration values could also increase the tanking ability within PvP instead of us blinking in and Taunting the team than just wait to die hoping our teamates finish off the opponents first.

Sorry this is so long. Im a dedicated Guardian main and wish to further help thr Guardian community with small guides and in game community assistance. Thank You and your team for all your hard work.

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