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When previously searching for a guild,I came across two challenges and had to search for prospective guilds manually. It would be very useful to have two features added in the search. This would also allow newer players to easily apply to guilds that fit into their schedule and lifestyle, engaging them as players for longer in the game community.  

1) Guild activity/raid time

2) Guild language

1) Guild activity/raid time: All guilds have an agreed upon time with their members when they do raids, anomaly activities and at times guild quests together. The most important thing is knowing that this time is in line with a player's free time outside of work/school and family life. Each guild leader should be able to update this in a specific field which would then be picked up as a search parameter under guild search. 


2) Guild language: I was unable to find a similar language related search parameter. From a personal point of view, I do not speak Russian, Portuguese or French fluently, so my search was focused on English speaking guilds. I had to manually check each guild's notes to see what was the pre-dominant language. Instead, the guild leader could primary and/or secondary language which could feature in guild search as a search parameter.


I hope this is considered for QoL changes to improve in game experience. 

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Thanks for the feedback!

You have indeed raised important questions regarding guilds. We had a plan to combine both columns into one - "region". Such a column would reflect information about the language of the guild (we take into account that there is one popular language within the region) + it would allow people with similar time zones to unite, which means with approximately the same time for performing guild activity.

We have not yet approved the final version and we are still thinking about it.

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Thank you for the response and update Ollie. While it would be a step forward, "region" wouldn't be applicable to international guilds. My current and previous guilds have players from 5 continents, different time zones and about 8 to 12 nationalities with different language skills. All commonly spoke English. Having a "Region" tag would not allow international guilds with diversity to blossom.

While timezones are different, players have different RL schedules and and knowing the exact raid time of a guild is very useful.  

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