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We are talking about one of the innovations of the upcoming beta test - the interaction of characters from different alliances in Skylore.

Recently we’ve shared an updated roadmap of the project and talked about new features coming to the game this year. And now we want to tell you more about those that will be available at the start of beta testing.

Let's start with access for the Sentinels and the Legion characters to locations of another alliance. The innovation is not limited to the expansion of territories and opens up a whole range of new interactions for the heroes.

The desire to explore Mount Archeon led to the creation of the Order Know, whose members are those who have devoted their lives to exploration of the mysteries of our world. Although the lukewarm relationship between the alliances was not conducive to fruitful cooperation, this was destined to change.

Having seized control of the mind of the head of demonologists, the harbinger of madness Decayra literally plunged Archeon into a state of war. Not without the help of brave heroes the deception was revealed, the Knowing realized that they had to unite in the face of the impending threat. What will come of this and what is the fate of our world?

Moving across locations

Heroes will gain access to the territory of another alliance: the Legion will be able to get into the Holy grove and the Somber Swamp, and the Sentinels - into the Factory and the Scorched Highlands.

This change has influenced both the structure of the Skylore world and travel routes. Now all movements between territories will be carried out only through a special location - Adamant Caves.


Participants of previous stages of the testing may probably remember this place: during the progress of the game's plot the heroes conduct a ritual there in order to find ways to fight Decayra. Access to the location and its functionality opens immediately after this event.


The Adamant Cave will become a kind of crossroads - a place where players can arrange a meeting to go in search of adventure and exploration of Arinar together. Also at the location you can buy useful consumables, sell the loot collected in adventures to the merchant, repair equipment and get new quests for Adamantine Grotto.

By the way, now it is possible to get to the upper level of the PvPvE location "Adamantine's Grotto" only through the Adamant Cave. We left two entrances: for convenience and protection from unexpected attacks. You can go to the lower tier of the location only from the upper one.


Important addition: you cannot get to Amber and Echo from the Adamant Caves. The transition to the capitals will remain in Holy grove and the Factory and will be available only to characters from a certain alliance.


Communication in in-game chats

After the announcement of the opening of new territories, we received many questions related to communication between the characters. Previously, in the Adamantine Grotto, the alliances had a common chat channel, where the heroes could not only chat, but also exchange "pleasantries" after PvP. Now players from different alliances can communicate freely in any location and in any chat, including private messages!


In addition, you can keep in touch with a friendly player from another alliance using your friendlist or ignore any hero using blacklist.


Grouping and participate in modes

The interaction of characters is not limited to communication! Now heroes from different alliances can unite in a group and go in search of adventure or explore the world together.

Also, a group of characters from different alliances will be able to use matchmaking modes: participate together in a duel in the Arena and fight bosses in the Dungeons.


The Battlefield will also be available for such groups: as soon as we rework it, the regime will no longer be a place of confrontation between alliances. We will add it to the game in one of the updates and before that we will definitely tell you about all the changes and how this PvP mode works.


This is how characters from different alliances will be able to interact with each other.

We haven't covered aspects of the game such as an updated PvP system and Guilds yet. We will talk about battles between players in locations next time and tell you more about in-game alliances of players before they appear in the game. However, let's say right away: heroes from different alliances can be members of the same guild!

What do you think of these changes? Leave your comments below the article!

See you later :Hide_Nibbler:

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