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A list of good suggestions (i think)


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Follow some suggestions that i think will improve the game or better the quality of somethings

Update 13/11/2023, The risky ones are what they already done it. (Don't know if they done because of this post, but i like to think that yes lol)

1 - Double the reward for dailies quest, but make they be one time per day instead of two times a day.
2 - Increase guild member capacity
3 - Make cost of guild buffs based in the numbers of buffs. Example 1 buff spend 1k energy, 2 buffs spend 10k energy, 3 buffs spend 20k energy, 4 buffs 40k energy. The new cost doesn't look fair to new guilds
4 - Make the chests of 12 hours drop always at least one blue item. I think this will retain more players after level 16. Would be Nice more players in higher levels. Will make progressivement more smooth. Its a common complaint of the community.
5 - Dailies of Tenebris give double Gold and Knowledge when compared with other dailies. Should've give double Archeon Crowns too.
6 - Make more achievements to players pursuit.
7 - Create a duel option.
8 - Make a PC Version or make the game viable via Google Play Games (New emulator Android made by Google)
9 - Change the raid ui, putting all the players in the same group or create a option that the player can create a group with more than 4 peoples. Maybe 8 players per group.
10 - Create a option that players can create groups with more than 4 peoples, for specific tasks Like gvg, raid.
11 - Create a feature of dual Especialization. As a player, i know that this would help a lot. Create a feature in the game that allows the exchange of shards spent on skills to another set previously predefined by the player. Something similar to the "Dual Specialization" feature of wow. The reason is that there are different choices of skills and glyphs between pvp and pve. Having to reset the glyphs for better performance in pvp or pve becomes a nuisance.
12 - Arena Slice after level 20. Maybe 20-24, 25-28, 29+.
13 - Guild Anomaly Quest Button. Possibly change the interface with the guild anomaly quests or add a confirmation before being able to start the quest.
14 - Create a option of GVG 4x4, 5x5 or 8x8.
15 - Add KDA (Kill, Death Assists) system to the game. A table with those information plus, damage done, damage taken and heal done.
16 - Create a option that we can select to see informations on screen like ping, latency.
17 - Raid Ratings. Today looks like we only can see the ratings of the last attempt raid made. For example if your guild did the spider raid on normal difficulty, there is no way that you can see the ratings of the high difficulty and vice-versa. Make possible for us to select what difficulty ratings we want to see.
18 - Create more informations in game. For example "What is the % of success to turn a item from +10 to +11 and etc.?". "What is the % to get a uncommon or rare equipment from their chests?". "What is the % from get a skin fragment from raid chests?"

Some of those suggestion are not mine, some are. I included all suggestions that i liked.

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1) the option to change in-game channel, not running in and out of location repeatedly and hoping to be sent to the correct channel.

2) return tempered to lower level even at a decreased chance of drop. Don't make it an option to turn into materials for tempering if you think it will break balance.

3) remove the obligatory tank slot from dungeon party match up. If we have dd to encompass hunters/mages/shadows than we should have defence to encompass alchemists and guardians. two healers + two dd is a viable build for a dungeon and most healers are wearing heavy armour anyway. And it takes a lot of time to find a party because there is no tank.

4) an on screen indicator of the chest readiness that will appear once the chest is less than 5 minutes to be unlocked.

5) another indicator of connection termination due to inactivity

6) diamond wallet password so that a player can be sure he/she will not spend diamonds on anything by accident just by tapping stuff on screen. "Not the are you sure?" button but an option to protect yourself from accidental spending of diamonds

7) hide opposite faction quests (you added quests from humans/elves/muars to nox/goblin/gorr and vice versa to make more content, but it breaks immersion for some players and ignoring those quests in your journal is not enough, give us an option to at least hide those from the list)

8) an option to turn off new particle effect on chests dropped by monsters. This thing looks ominous and out of place. I don't need it to see the chest and if other players do, they can have the effect on

9) safe exit from arena/dungeon queue. Especially for arena queue. tapping the exit button the moment the 10 second preparation to fight is launched will get you a deserter debuff. Put a deserter debuff on a 7 second mark of leaving the team before the start, not on ten second mark. "or add the are you sure?" button/ Right now you are punishing players who are playing arenas and are looking for teammates for that very arena in parallel.

10) make gorgor contracts of the same lvl and rarity stackable. One per inventory slot is too heavy

11) give us an option to upgrade heaps of trophy equipment by colour even at a disadvantage. lets say 10 white heaps of trophy weapon gives the same amount of "upgrade points" as one green heap of trophy weapon. So, give us an option to trade 15-20 (or whatever number you deem fair) of white heaps of trophies for a single green heap. It will make inventory management easier.

12) remove the "open five" option for chests that contain actual gear. opening chests with heaps of equipment in bulk is fine, because all that goes into three slots of inventory with existing heaps of equipment, so if you had like 67-50-17 heaps and opened 5 chests, you would get like 70-51-18 just fine. But opening 5 chests with three or four pieces of armour/weapon/accessories in each requires a nearly empty inventory to not overflow. Alternatively, put armour/weapon/accessories in stackable armour chest/weapon chest/accessory chest.

13) add a gear crafting system

14) add potion crafting system

15) add more options to recover vigor, not just arena/dungeon.

16 - Create a option that we can select to see informations on screen like ping, latency. - AND IN GAME CLOCK WITH SERVER TIME!

1 - Double the reward for dailies quest, but make they be one time per day instead of two times a day. - this is not an equal trade-off because a quest is an opportunity to get one chest with three pieces of white gear that are necessary for hoarder achievement. getting two chests instead of one when you don't have that achievement is a waste, since you have to keep them in your inventory. getting a hoarder achievement without at least one daily quest available means grinding three more pieces of equipment from monsters and spending too much vigor. This change is fine for the time of events, but for normal days, it should be a choice between old 2 sets of dailies per day with singular rewards and 1 set of dailies with double rewards


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