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Chronicle: Part VIII. «Gorrs»


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730721414_ava_grandson_628670.png.86d96df3c709558cc11841e191c38269.pngChronicle: Part VIII. «Gorrs»

The tale of Shelley Bac’s travels in the lands of Arinar continues! This time he visited Gorrs.

In this part of the chronicles you will learn of how the consequences of the Great Cataclysm affected the appearance of this people, in what climate they live and of the sculpture looking at which caused deja-vu in the main hero of this tale.



Year 111 after the Great Cataclysm

Third quarter — 67th dawn

I felt ill at ease as soon as I could make out the island’s contours on the horizon. That’s probably because of all the rumors surrounding the genesis of the gorrs. They say there were one of very few peoples who were able to survive the Great Cataclysm in isolation, but they paid for it with their... appearance. I decided to land on the coast to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Year 111 after the Great Cataclysm

Third quarter — 68th dawn

Apparently, traveling in this harsh land takes forever. The entire island is a scorched wasteland, completely deprived of flora or fauna. A massive mountain juts from the island’s center. It must be Ardor, the capital of the gorrs and the only place where you can find a living soul. Or so I thought as I melted under the beating sun and tried in vain to ignore my thirst, when suddenly I saw a house! I wasn’t even phased that it was built in the shape of an enormous stone head! Forgetting all fears and doubts, I pounded on the door with all my strength. I was entirely certain that nothing could surprise me anymore. However, as soon as the doors opened, I earned several dozen more grey hairs. The master of the house was covered in skin as thick as rock from head to toe, with flaming eyes and a spiked tail.  


To my surprise, he turned out to be a wonderful host... despite hardly uttering a word at first. The gorr kept looking at me in disbelief, and there was clearly tension in the air. It appears he welcomed me in on account of local customs, not because he wanted to. To dispel the tension, I informed him frankly of the purpose of my visit and told him the tale of the journey I had made. Amazingly, it worked! The gorr immediately relaxed and, after a few mugs of their strong brew, he told me of his people’s hard fate.


Year 111 after the Great Cataclysm

Third quarter — 71st dawn

After writing down as much as I could with a not-so-steady hand, I planned to leave the wonderful haven, but I was distracted by a very unusual sculpture. It depicted a mountain with a massive rift from summit to base, which was obviously not Ardor. The master of the house told me that he had started to see this image in his dreams more often, so he recreated it using the art form gorrs are so famous for – sculpture. I felt a strange sense of déjà vu, but decided to ignore it for now. The road is waiting!


To be continued ...

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