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Chronicle: Part IX. «Noxes»


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816842946_ava_grandson_628670.png.0967590eb98c6247970f5b0a63883748.pngChronicle: Part IX. «Noxes»

The story of Shelley Bac's journey through the lands of the peoples of Arinar continues! This time he traveled to the Nox capital.

From this part of the chronicle, you will learn about the reasons for the gloomy atmosphere on the streets of Kronun, how it affects the people of this race, as well as about the attitude of the Nox towards the manuscripts and everyone associated with writing it.


Year 111 after the Great Cataclysm

Third quarter — 82nd dawn

Even as I approached Kronun, I noticed the island seemed to be shrouded by an impassable veil! Apparently, light does not reach this place, creating endless night at all hours of the day. Remembering my run-in with the goblins, I decided not to tempt fate, and made straight for the airport. However, as soon as I stepped out of the turbocopter, my problems began. 


Leaving my contemplations of the city for a moment, I found myself next to a huge palace of dark marble. The guard shoved me toward it insistently with his halberd. As I braced myself for spending the rest of my days in the dungeons, I suddenly realized that this was, in fact... a library! Or, as the noxes say — a librarium. It turns out they are extremely sensitive about various kinds of manuscripts and those connected to their creation. After sharing the fruits of my labors with the head archivist, I became an honored guest, so to speak, and received unrestricted access to the entire librarium!

Year 111 after the Great Cataclysm

Third quarter — 86th dawn

However, my celebration was premature — almost all the books were in code! The archivist seemed truly delighted by my futile attempts to understand the texts. Between my muffled curses and bitter sighs, I didn’t notice that I had attracted the attention of a small nox girl, who turned out to be the archivist’s daughter. Setting aside cryptography, I told her about distant lands and the people who dwell there, which seemed to make a strong impression on her. In her gratitude, she shared the tricks of the local codes with me, albeit with a touch of noxian bombast. I think with time this little girl will be an excellent warden of the librarium. Once I had gathered the information I needed, I said farewell to the young talent and made for the port.


To be continued ...

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