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Chronicle: Part X. «Elves»


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555907143_ava_grandson_628670.png.2310f60b9d1745af42a933d16cbc613a.pngChronicle: Part X. «Elves»

This part of Shelley Bac’s chronicle concludes the cycle of history about the playable races’ history.

This time we will get to know of the Elvish people’s fate. You will learn the ways how Elves adapted to surviving the aftermath of the Great Cataclysm, how the History Keeper’s adventured unfolded on the mysterious island of the “pointy ears”, and of the surprising companion of our hero and their parting gift.



Year 111 after the Great Cataclysm

Third quarter — 89th dawn

One of the most mysterious things about the history of the elves is no one has yet been able to establish for certain the whereabouts of their capital. Although some elves united with the humans and muars to share the burdens of the Great Cataclysm and build cities together, most of them simply disappeared from history. Any attempts to make the elves talk have ended quite badly, which I felt for my part back in Catoravia. However, among the dusty tomes in the library of New Oltgard, I stumbled upon a curious map that pointed to a spot in the middle of the ocean with the eloquent note "pointy ears." Deciding to try my luck, I headed straight into the unknown without hesitation.

Year 111 after the Great Cataclysm

Fourth quarter — 5th dawn

As I suspected, the empty spot on the map turned out to be a very significant island, the sight of which left me dumbfounded. Every inch of ground was covered in dense spiky vines that came together to form one massive tangle of thorns. However, even more amazing, the island was also surrounded by the wreckage of countless ships all covered with the same vines. After circling around for quite a while, I was able to find a small landing spot and began carefully exploring the island.

How does the expression go again? Oh, right! I have good news and bad news. The good news is — I managed to find the elves. The bad news is... The entire island turned out to be a monstrous forest of nightmares full of the bodies of elves trapped inside trees. I can’t imagine what force was capable of creating such a bizarre and terrifying union of two species. I could go on for many pages describing the horrors of this place, but I better hurry up and get out of here... *the entry ends abruptly.*

Year 111 after the Great Cataclysm

Fourth quarter — 6th - 8th dawn (approximately)


I woke up utterly exhausted somewhere in the depths of the island. Before me, I saw a hooded stranger examining my diary with interest. The ears sticking out of his hood gave him away as a member of the elven race, which didn’t make me very happy in my current state. Noticing that I was awake, he smiled happily and pointed to a boat moored nearby, inviting me to come aboard. Seeing no other way out of this, I accepted his invitation. I tried throughout our journey to learn more about what had happened here. However, the elf merely smiled and nodded in response to all my questions while deftly guiding the boat between thorny thickets. We soon reached the shore near the parked turbocopter. I had barely disembarked and turned around to thank my rescuer, when I found I was alone. There were many emotions flowing through me in that moment, but I decided that leaving the island in a hurry was the best course of action at this point. Only as I traveled back to Catoravia did I find his parting gift — a small medallion of wood tucked into my diary... 


To be continued!

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