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Chronicle: Part XIV. «Time of Change»


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114th year after the Great Cataclysm 

Fourth quarter — 74th dawn

The group that entered the rift never returned, and the newly revealed miracle workers were under the attentive gaze of inquisitors and demonologists.  If, of course, by gaze we mean shackles and a weapon at their throats.  All this did not look very pleasant, but deep down, each of us was greatly frightened by the return of magic and silently approved of such measures.

 The duet of the Nox and the Elf became the voice of the expedition and formed the most obvious and reasonable thought - to notify the leaders of the peoples and wait for their arrival.  My attempts to talk to this couple were unsuccessful, but at least I learned their names.  Elf Fearon and Nox Bachary... Who are you?


114th year after the Great Cataclysm

Fourth quarter — 81st dawn

The news of the discovery of the mountain from the prophecies quickly reached the cities, and soon the first ships appeared on the horizon.  To our surprise, none of the pilgrims showed unusual abilities, but among the members of the first expedition there were more and more sorcerers.  If magic returns to Arinar, then for the time being it is clearly limited to this mountain.  And yet it is here.

How did we feel when we realized this?  It is hard to say.  Joy, fear… confusion.  For many years, our ancestors learned to live, relying only on their own strengths and the achievements of science, and now magic is with us again.  Perhaps it should be considered a part of us, once lost, but still a part.  Don't know.  We definitely need time.


115th year after the Great Cataclysm

First quarter — 11th dawn

Amazingly, the rift is closing.  It all started with an underground rumble, and then a stone rain fell on our heads.  The purple glow from the base of the mountain rushed straight to its top, and the passage in the rock began to tighten.  And we have no idea why.



115th year after the Great Cataclysm

First quarter — 13th dawn

So, we have a small passage on the top of the mountain leading into the unknown, and the firm belief that the secret of the return of magic is hidden inside it.  And we also have six peoples, each of which is eager to take it into their hands, and do not trust each other too much.  Where do you think this will lead?


115th year after the Great Cataclysm

First quarter — 18th dawn

I never thought that I would be so happy about the greed of the goblins!  While the others were wasting time endlessly arguing, the greenskin miners were secretly drilling into the mountain and stumbled upon another rift!  This find instantly defuse the situation, and in the course of a long discussion, the leaders of the alliances came to an agreement.

Humans, Muars and Elves will be able to explore at the peak of the mountain, while Gorrs, Noxes and Goblins will have at their disposal the rift found in the bowels.  It seems that everyone was satisfied with this decision, and soon the slender columns of pilgrims moved to their new lands.


To be continued …

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I really liked those chapters in format of post. It helped me to understand more of the lore. Can we have new chapters with the in game story? I mean, with everything we did till now. The progression of leveling in the game is a bit slow thus making the lore a bit hard to follow up. I mean when a new main quest is unlocked i already forgot about the last part. Having chapters here in the forum will really help to follow up and understand the lore. By the way, last week we are talking about the lore on discord, so is something that people is interesting.

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