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arena leader board refresh bug


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This is a simple bug for leader board. It is supposed to show you players from a single league (your current league), but if another character levels up from 9 to 10 or from 13 to 14, he/she is still present in leader board of your league, although he/she has no right to be there. It is not a severe bug because leader board has no real effect unless it is the final league, but it should be fixed to encourage players close to top 10 to play a few more battles.

Example: player Wrbraz is in second league leader board but he is lvl 14.

If it is not fixed, it creates a possibility for abuse where one character starts at max level for current league at the beginning of the month, plays a single arena, then levels up and plays the rest of the month in the next league, using abilities and equipment that are not available for the rest of players from the current league. And I know that you may think that higher league means higher difficulty, but this not always the case, because it is not the difficulty of battles against players that matters most but "the density" of players. Even if players from higher league are stronger, if there are fewer of them on the server, the rest will be replaced by bots and bots are "an average, fixed" difficulty with predictable patterns that can be used to your advantage.

how to solve:

simple solution - remove players who are not in the league from the leader board

difficult solution - leave the players after they moved to the next league but don't add points from new battles to their score. So if a player had 5k points in league one and moved to league two, his/her result with 5k will be visible in league one (if top 10 players don't push him out from the leader board) until the end of the month, but the points earned in league two are counted towards league two. This option means that a single player can IN THEORY compete in two (or even more) leagues at once.

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