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Equipment: Level Up and Combine


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We want to talk about a new system for upgrading the characteristics and quality of equipment that will be available in Skylore at the third open alpha test.

Now, any items of equipment with weak characteristics or that aren't suitable for your class can be not only sold to a vendor but also invested in the power of your hero.

So, first things first!


Increase of an equipment level

In addition to the familiar system of equipment enchanting, we’ve added new opportunities to upgrade armor, weapons and accessories. The first of them is the mechanic that allows to increase the level of equipment.

Now the items of equipment have their own level of development: from 1 to 20. Each new level gives a small bonus to the characteristics and increases mastery of a hero.

How to increase the equipment level?

Let us Introduce you a step-by-step instructions:

  1. Open the inventory.
  2. Go to the "Forge" tab.
  3. Select the item which level you’re going to increase.
  4. Add materials for upgrading and click the "Level Up" button.

Please note that there are 2 types of items that can be used as materials:

  • Items of equipment.

The equipment in the game is divided into 3 types: armor (helmet, gloves, armor-plating, shoes), accessories (earrings, rings, amulets, capes) and weapons.

To increase the level of specific equipment, only objects of the same type can be used: for pumping rings, earrings or a cape only other accessories are suitable, including those that don't fit the class of your hero.



  • Special items.


They’re presented in 3 types too: a pile of captured armor, a pile of captured weapons, a pile of captured accessories for each type of equipment.

They can help you to increase the level of the item much faster: the benefit in pumping from a single trophy pile is much higher than from any item of equipment.


Combining of equipment

If you reach the maximum equipment level, then you should know that it’s not the end: it can become even more powerful!

To do this, you will need to use another new mechanic - combining of equipment. It allows you to change the main characteristic of the subject - its quality.

Let's delve into the details.

The equipment quality

The quality of the item is the main parameter that helps to determine the rarity and strength of equipment. You can learn about the quality of equipment by the color of the item name and the frame of its icon in the inventory or by reading the description.

At the moment, items have from 1 to 5 quality categories:


  1. Normal - Gray
  2. Unusual - Green
  3. Rare - Blue
  4. Epic - Purple
  5. Legendary - Orange


Each item of equipment may have different levels of quality. However, there can be a limit: the maximum level of quality of an item isn't always legendary.

You can find out what quality a particular item of equipment may obtain from its description. If the equipment can be presented in the best quality, then it can be upgraded.

Экипировка: повышение уровня и объединение, изображение №1


What gives a quality increase?

First of all, the quality of the item reflects a mastery indicator: the higher the quality of the equipment used, the higher its value.

In addition, each level of quality starting from the "unusual" one adds an additional characteristic to the item. Thus, items with the "legendary" quality have 4 auxiliary bonuses at once!

How to increase the quality of equipment?

The mechanic of combining equipment allows you to increase the level of quality of items. To do this, do the following:


  1. Open the inventory.
  2. Go to the "Forge" tab.
  3. Select "Combining" in the list on the left.
  4. Choose equipment which quality you are going to increase.
  5. Add resources to increase the quality of the item and click the "Combine" button.


As you do so, other equipment may become a resource, but with a number of conditions: the item must be an identical copy of the item being upgraded, be equal in a quality level, and have the maximum level of development.


Getting and increasing level of two identical pieces of equipment will be definitely a daunting task. In this case, special items will come to the rescue - alchemical stones. You can buy them from the Alchemist for the Archeon crown, which you can get using the method we’ve described in an article about the new system of daily tasks. These coins will help you to improve the quality of the subject without searching and developing a duplicate.


Alchemical stones come in 3 types: Alchemist stone for armor, Alchemist stone for weapons, Alchemist stone for accessories - for each type of equipment. The amount of stones needed to combine depends on the current quality of the item.

The result of the union will be an item of the 1st level of development, but of better quality, which will give the character more mastery while using. Item’s characteristics will be increased, and another additional one will appear.


What is worth remembering

  • All items selected as materials to increase the level of equipment will be used up - it is impossible to return them.
  • You cannot use objects worn on the character as materials for increasing a level.
  • Piles of captured weapons, accessories and armor are presented in 5 qualities - as well as items of equipment. The higher their quality, the greater the benefit when increasing the level of equipment.
  • As a result of combining, an item with improved quality will retain the level of enchantment.
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22 часа назад, Joshua сказал:

So im getting at the state of combining my uncommon gladiator bow into rare gladiator bow, and im using an alchemy stone, so i want to know how many achemy stone is needed to combine my bow to rare/blue ?

When you go to the combine menu and insert the available stones into the slot, you can find out the required value - it will be displayed under the alchemy stones slot.

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Hellow sir? I have a question regarding combining equipments? 

For example i have two rare destroyer weapon that has the same attribute.. My question is when i combine the two weapon that has the same attribute to make epic weapon does it combine also the two the same attribute or it only retain one and do not combine them?

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@omssim When combined, an item retains its attribute, no matter what stats the attribute item has.

The first stat that appears on an item of "uncommon" rarity cannot be changed in any way - it depends on whether the item was obtained from a dungeon, arena, or otherwise.

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Yes i know that it will retain its attribute.. What i dont know is what will happen if you combine two rare armor or weapon with the same attribute does the two same attribute will combine or not? 

For example i have two lvl20 rare destroyer weapon that has the same critical hit rating 1500 attribute so if im going to combine the two weapon and i wont use alchemy to make it epic weapon will the two same attribute combine also like for the example (1500 crit rate + 1500 crit rate = 3000crit rate when they combined) or they will not add?

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@omssim No, the stats don't stack, you just increase the rarity of the item and a new secondary characteristic

6 часов назад, Diabro сказал:

Does it take the same number of items and cost of gold, to upgrade a level 1 item to level 2, as it does to upgrade the same item from say level 18 to level 19? 

The number of progress points on improving an item increases with the level, i.e. leveling from level 1 to level two will require fewer resources than leveling from level 18 to level 19

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