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[2023.01.26] Guide Contest — 2023

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Friends, we invite you to take part in the Guide Contest!

Share the wisdom and experience gained during your adventures in Skylore, organize the information into a guide and get nice rewards for it!

To participate you need:

  • Write a guide for any game-related theme or game mechanics
  • Publish the work as a separate post in the section of our forum.
  • Indicate the nickname of your character in the topic title in the format:“Guide title I Character nickname”.

The guide must be in text format. You can attach video inserts to the text, but they will be regarded only as an addition to the text, along with screenshots, diagrams and gifs.

Whether it's a class guide, a boss battle strategy, or a collection of tips and tricks for beginners — share any valuable knowledge!

Important: only one work is accepted from each participant!

We will evaluate:

  • Relevance of information
  • informational value
  • Simplicity, clarity and integrity of presentation
  • Design and availability of accompanying materials

Don't forget to review and rate other contestants' guides. You may be able to learn something new or help someone understand one of the aspects of the game in more detail.

Important clarification: you can use your own guides published before the start of the competition as entries, but you must make sure that the information in them is still up to date and complies with the requirements of the competition.


We understand that when preparing manuals, you can focus on different aspects of the game, and so that the evaluation of your work can be the most objective, we have formed three categories of awards, according to which we will distribute works and reward their authors:

  1. “Secrets of Mastery” — 3000 diamonds
  2. "Important instructions" — 1500 diamonds
  3. “Helpful Tips” — 750 diamonds

In addition, when concluding the contest, additional and incentive prizes may be given out.


The competition starts right now, and entries will be accepted until February 15 inclusive. After which we need a few days to conclude the contest.

Take note:

  • Please create the guide in English or translate to it, so that we could understand and evaluate your work. You can post works in other languages in a separate section of the forum, but they will not be rated this time.
  • Your guide must not contain content that violates the rules of conduct in the community. This applies not only to the text, but also to accompanying materials.
  • You can supplement and edit your guide after publication, but only before the deadline accepting work. Also, if desired, it will be possible to make changes after summarizing the results.
  • After the contest concludes we will move all the guides to the respective section of the forum, so that any adventurer could access the valuable information.
  • Try to choose topics for which there are no guides yet, but if you are sure that you can cover an issue already raised better, go for it. In this case, do not forget that any plagiarism may affect the final assessment of the competitive work.

Good luck to all Knowers and we’re looking forward to your guides!

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