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[2023.02.15] “Heartbreakers” rock concert


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We hope everyone managed to attend the concert of the rock band “Heartbreakers” in the Factoria, and more than once.

Since some of you are playing without sound, we decided to clarify that we wrote a cool musical composition especially for this activity, which can be heard on the territory of the concert.

If you want to enjoy it in the game, then we advise you to hurry, because on February 21, the content of the game event will be disabled.

And for those who want to listen to the track even after the end of Love Lunacy, we are attaching a file with it to this publication.


P.S. Please note that after the end of the event, all thematic consumables and Contracts with Gorgorush will remain in your inventory, but you will not be able to receive event currency as a reward or purchase Vials of True Love. We advise you to use all “Keys to the Heart” and event contracts until Tuesday next week.

Happy adventures!

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