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Pirate costume


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The opening of the gates of Skylore revealed to the world Ophirium, a crystallized center of Knowledge, capable of influencing the very fabric of reality. Its stocks were carefully guarded, and only the Knowers were allowed to study such a dangerous and unpredictable substance. Only occasionally did the ophirium secretly cross the Great Sea, sometimes ... unsuccessfully.

An accidental raid on an inconspicuous ship gave the pirates a source of unprecedented power, turning them into real masters of the sea. The waves themselves responded to the swings of the ophirium-encrusted blades, burying entire fleets under monstrous tsunami in an instant.

However, every action has its consequences. The power of Skylore changed the bodies of the pirates, linking their fate forever with the depths of the sea. The most malicious thugs have been destined for rebirth into sea monsters, but it does not seem that they were in any way upset.

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