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adept set bug or feature


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I don't know if you noticed but it looks like there is a very obvious problem with this set.

The light/frantic adept set is green. It is all green and leaf-themed. A few weapons (converter, flask, staff), the robe, the hat, the bracers, the shoes, even accessories all look like you have mugged a leprechaun. With one exception. The cape is brown. And then there is balanced adept set that is all brown and dull-looking. And again with a single exception. The cape is green this time. So, is it a mistake and two models were intended to be swapped (only visually in game and in game icon, not the stats)? Should we fix it? This isn't an end-game set so not many players will care. But I suppose it is time to ask players their opinion.

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Sorry for not posting sooner. The game was NOT cooperating with me lately. As if intentionally NOBODY was wearing the cloack

Here are the pictures

The adept cloack is a balanced piece of accessory that looks like a green cape with olive/brown v-shaped ornament at the top

The adept mantle is a frantic piece of accessory that looks like a brown cape with stitches.

Every OTHER piece of balanced adept armour is brown.

Every OTHER piece of frantic adept accessories is leaf-themed and green and the light adept armour is also leaf-themed and green.



adept mantle.jpeg

adept cloack.jpeg

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it looks like I was wrong and the entire set of accessories is like this. earrings, pendant and ring that are leaf-themed are also balanced, not frantic. So if there is a change, the whole set has to be swapped with frantic skin, not just the cape.

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