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[2023.04.18] Jester's Сarnival

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We have prepared new rewards for you, dedicated to the theme of the current season of activities, namely, the entire available palette of colors for jester outfits made in the likeness of opponents from Group Contracts with Gorgors!

In the Monster Slayer’s Chest, which can be obtained by completing dungeons from level 16, you will most likely be able to find one of the following rewards:

  • Snarky Joker Costume
  • Sad Joker Costume

In every third chest, you are guaranteed to receive one of these costumes!

In addition, in the upcoming events of the “Battlefield” mode, as one of the premium rewards, you can get:

  • Malicious Joker Costume
  • Dark Joker Costume

The event will last until 02.05. We will announce the exact end time separately.

Don't miss the chance to get a costume in your favorite color scheme or collect the entire collection!

P.S. We've also left the option to purchase Surprise Boxes for premium currency, in case you didn't get your coveted Dark Magician’s Outfit or Arsenal.

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Can we please have pictures of all the joker costumes like there are for all the other costumes in the game? Otherwise we will not be able to see the dark joker costume until next weeks battlefield event. That may be inconvienient for some players who only have enough gems to unlock one of the battlefields premium rewards so it would be nice to have pictures so they can choose which one of the battlefield costumes they want to spend their gems on

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The final joke!

And it is as horrible as the whole event. Today there was a notification about event's ending (tomorrow). And the message says:

Don't forget to use your group gorgor contracts and to spend ophirium because you won't have such opportunity later.

Really? Really guys? Don't forget to spend ophirium? You mean the currency that you have DELETED after the first part of the event was over? That ophirium?

To spend NONEXISTENT ophirium of WHAT? The only thing that could be bought for ophirium was an event lootbox with ophirium price tag. And that lootbox was DELETED from the store along with ophirium from our wallets! Even if we had millions of ophirium, we wouldn't spend it because the currency became USELESS without the only product in the store that could be bought with it!

Can you IMAGINE the amount of NOT CARING about this game, this event, and your players to just write that notification?! Do you not know what is happening in your own game? Did you not know that ophirium and ophirium-priced lootbox were gone long ago?

WORST EVENT EVER! WORST in terms of game mechanic and in terms of your attitude to players.

Whoever wrote today's message is ignorant about the game and dangerously lazy. At least this is a fitting end to this mess.

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