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How to develop your character in Skylore?


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The game will welcome you with engaging adventures, filled with unusual events, quests and meetings. Starting the path of a valiant hero and an explorer of a new world, you need to always be ready for any obstacles and constantly improve yourself.

The key parameter of developing your character is Mastery. Let’s figure out what you need to know about it and how to improve it!


What is Mastery?

Mastery is the main parameter of a character’s development that represents their current combat power.

The higher Mastery is for a character, the better they do in combat regardless of class: be it a powerful warrior with hardened armour, a dextrous and evasive archer, a master of daggers, or a skilled magician with a set of healing or attacking abilities.

Additionally, raising Mastery level opens access to more interesting quests and dangerous adventures with valuable rewards And the further you advance, the more exciting things will open to you!

To learn about the Mastery of your character in detail, press on the icon with the level in the top left corner. In the new window you’ll see: what mastery level you already achieved, what amount of points you have currently, as well as how many points you need to level up.


How to raise mastery?

1. Learn new talents

Each character class has its own unique set of over 150 talents. Learning them provides the character with a certain amount of Mastery.

You can see all available talents starting at the character level 2 on the Talent map. Additionally, there you will find the information how much time and resources will be neede to learn every talent.


All talents can be split into types:

ability_arrow_100.png.d22ca212ecfc67bf0c9989dd7748e511.png  - Main offensive and defensive active abilities

passive_bow_100.png.7c2871bfd5a70ccaa59854ee813353e5.png  - Beneficial passive skills

  chaos_100.png.3a69d2d0496c7433d746cdc514c1d551.png  - Shards for modifying the active abilities of characters

    Characteristic_pet_100.png.ab5f5c03ef3d2850da7a2ea42020ffa9.png     - Parameter bonuses

Learning every talent adds a different amount of Mastery, depending on the level and type. For example, parameters give fewer Mastery points than abilities. You can see the exact amount of received Mastery points by pressing on the talent on the Map.

In order to learn talents, yoou will need special currency — Knowledge. you can receive it for completing quests, opening chests for completed dungeons as well as by hunting monsters in the open world.


2. Update and improve your character’s equipment

Each item of equipment provides a certain amount of Mastery, which is dependant on its type, level, rarity and quality of the item. In order to improve your equipment you can:

  • Enhance items
  • Raise items’ level
  • Raise quality of the item to the maximum

Enhancement is the classic mechanic in RPG genre games that allows you to improve the main parameters of the item with a certain chance. You can read more about the system of raising level and quality in our special article:

In order to improve your equipment you will need not only Knowledge, but also Gold. This currency is awarded for completing quests, opening chests from Arena victories and hunting monsters. Additionally, you can sell unused equipment and expendable items in order to gather more gold.

Remember that Gold and Knowledge are equally valuable for improving equipment and are gained from different chests, so try not to focus too much only on Dungeon runs or only Arena battles.


We recommend you to always take care of the state your equipment, update, improve and repair it as necessary, as it is the primary task of any adventurer! A warrior in fine armour is more useful in battle than a deranged lumberjack with a blunt axe and a bucket on his head.

For now these are all of the ways to improve items, but new ones may be added in the future. If it happens, we will tell you about new mechanics as soon as possible.


Thus, remeber: every learned talent, updating equipment with more powerful items and improving them increase your character’s Mastery, allowing you to gain levels and become stronger, which will unlock access to new exciting content. Also, what exactly opens up for your curious mind on every level, you can see with the help of the Hero’s Path.



We’ve taught you about the basics of successfully developing your character. But remember, that the gameplay can significantly differ within even one class, every hero chooses their path. We will be glad if experienced players share their knowledge of leveling characters on the forums. 

In the future we will continue sharing information about various aspects of the game and feature useful guides from the players, as well as answer the most popular questions. If you would like to know something of if you’ve encountered difficulties in the game — feel free to leave a comment, we will try to answer all of them and help!

Good luck in the game and see you in Skylore!

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For new players, be sure to keep an eye on your equipment, not all gear gives equal amount of mastery. As you probably know you gain more Mastery from your Weapon of course. But if you check your Chest Armor compared to the Head, Glove, and Boots. It will give your more stats and Power compared to the others even with equal Enhancements and Level. The same is said for the Pendants Slot in your accessories. So leveling these up will gives you a higher Power Value just like the Weapon slot.

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