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Armor of the Northern people


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Most Gorrs worship the indestructibility of stone. Their characters are tempered in the fire of Godgorrat, and their hearts are harder than granite. And only one tribe, lost in the ice, questioned these principles.

The stone is hard, but if you press it, it will fly into pieces. Living in the snowy wastelands, a lonely tribe acquired a new philosophy in the plasticity of ice: they learned to retreat and melt under pressure, in order to then rally and strike with renewed force.

The cruel elements became the basis of the rituals, and over time the bodies of the Gorrs became covered with a crust of ice, providing constant protection. The strength of the tribe grew, and the natural armor of its members became stronger. The cold was no longer scary for them, and they now wore fur coats only upon returning to warm lands, in order to protect their cover from the bright sun or hot flame.

Frame904.png.200dd0551d33ccb6c23784ea26c9bc3e.png Frame905.png.e762f15202daee199bdd8c0cd5a0ae05.png

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from the description of the winter themed snow-white robe from the previous year.


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To be as strong as stone, shattered but not retreating a single step. The philosophy of the Gorrs had been forged in the hardships of the Great Cataclysm, and tempered in the fire of the lands of Godgorrot, but the flames and the depths were not alone in guiding the Gorrs. Trapped in the midst of the ice, the lone tribe cried out to the snowy vastness and received an answer.

The power of subterranean flame gave way to the wisdom of water, obstinacy was replaced by flexibility of thought and form, and the ardent temper was covered by a cold crust of absolute calm. Unshakable as ice and flowing as a stream of water, the tribe took on a new name, and proved that it is nature itself that guides the Gorrs.


so basically ... both times we have gorrs. the lore is pretty much the same. the abandonment of their casual rock identity for the sake of new more agile ice identity. both times you mention lands of Godgorrot...Well, I suppose you can only have so much lore, but seriously! whoever wrote the new description of the armour of northern people plagiarized the description from previous year. Even if it was self-plagiarism, it is still bad.

Is it THAT difficult to write a couple of paragraphs of original text? If you absolutely wanted to make it another gorr-originated costume you could write a short story about the leader/great war hero of the aforementioned tribe.

or you could take a different approach and take a look at class instead of the race. considering how alchemists are mostly associated with nox, it is rare to find a skilled master of the craft among gorrs, but in the tribe of northern people there lived an artisan by [insert name here] who dedicated his/her life to turning ice crystals into nevermelting solid. Conveniently such material soon proved to be suitable for armour crafting.

see? it's not difficult. You can compose stuff like that in minutes instead of just copy pasting previous entries with slight variation. also, I don't think many people will appreciate the insight of using fur coats to preserve things in their frozen state. yep, you can certainly keep ice cream in thermos instead of hot tea. You can keep it even longer if you wrap thermos in another layer of insulation like a piece of fur. It is counter intuitive, but it works. But the problem here is that they are not wearing fur coats on top of icy layer of armour. you can clearly see that ice is outside on more than 50% of new armour. if your entry was true...well, that armour will melt. it is not protected from sun and fire.

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