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[2022.11.01] Update 1.12: Changelog


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Detailed information about additions, improvements and changes in the new version of the client 1.12.


Guild Raids Seasons

We decided not to stop on the seasonality of guild PvP activity, and now we are ready to present you another novelty that contributes to the growth of competitive potential among teams — Guild Raid Seasons.


The principle of building ratings for this activity is based on the time spent on the battle with the boss: the faster you win, the higher your place on the podium will be.

Moreover, for each boss, its best successful result will be displayed, which can be updated as many times as you like throughout the season, improving the record time.

Important: the guild participates in the rating only according to the maximum difficulty passed - if a team defeats the boss in a stronger variation, then it automatically moves to a new rating and is removed from records in the previous difficulties. From the start of the next season, your guild will immediately participate in the ratings for the highest difficulty passed.


As with Guild Wars, you will be able to view the results of the current and past seasons, and after we have a few test runs we can start adding rewards.

We also plan to reflect participation in the rankings in the form of guild medals or achievements of some kind, which in the future will be available on the guild information screen. This mechanic is still in development, so we'll talk more about it later.

Gather the most well-rounded team and go conquer the guild PvE ratings!


New costumes

As you know, on the lower tiers of the Adamantine Caves locations you can find world bosses, for defeating them once a day the heroes receive valuable rewards — equipment, gold, knowledge and useful resources for character development.


Also, before Update 1.12, you could get a special treasure for the battle with the Core Gnaw, which contains parts of a costume created in the likeness of the appearance of the boss.

We hope that you have already become an owner of this skin, having collected 50 of its fragments, or at least close to it, because now fans of rare outfits will have to also devote time to the other two bosses - Baladrog and Decayra, as we have added the ability to get and their costumes!

screen_1699191973.thumb.png.7d93b47925fb8d639bc35b4f8b3426ce.png screen_1699166660.thumb.png.8c931cbb0c38fc1f0ddbcde14b4b7b18.png

Don't forget to fight these powerful creatures daily to get some more stylish skins!



In the life of every hero there comes a moment when the focus is not on competition with other players and epic battles, but on a thirst for adventure, new discoveries and exciting adventures.


As you might know, quest sequences, including a set of secondary tasks differ depending on the starting location for representatives of different races in Skylore. We decided that it was wrong to deprive you of the opportunity to be a participant in the stories taking place in the game universe, so we made adjustments to this system.

In the new version of the client, characters of all races have access to all secondary tasks in the Blagoroscha and Factoria locations. Now in these territories you will find twice as many exciting, interesting and dangerous adventures, which you will definitely get into by helping the inhabitants of Mount Arkeon.


In the future, we plan to expand the number of available tasks in the Gloomy Swamp and Burning Plateau locations in the same way.


New Appearance Options

For those who are just starting out on Skylore, or who decide to try playing a different class over Humans or Noxes, we have great news - we've added new appearance options that will help your character become more unique. 

screen_1700643424.thumb.png.01e7cac4de027d79a952a7d6ded41ce8.png screen_1700705071.thumb.png.5ec58a9bf882c9b64fe13f51f4523734.png

In the future, we plan to expand the appearance options for other races, finalize the editor and, of course, make it possible to change the appearance of existing characters.


New season of activities

Since the update is released on the first day of the new month, as usual, a new season of activities awaits you — the Path to Excellence!


Complete small tasks and get valuable resources for character development and equipment, and Skypass owners this month will be able to get not only more resources, but also a new unique costume — Order of the Sprockets Attire.

You can read the history of this outfit here — 


Other changes


And as usual, since the last update, we have been working on other changes and additions in parallel. Here's a list of the ones we've completed so far:

  • Fixed an issue that caused characters' non-targeted abilities to act outside of their visible area of effect.
  • Fixed a number of bugs related to guild quests, now the quest giver, transitions, anomalies and tools for collecting them correctly appear on all location channels.
  • The effects of the Flower Prince abilities, the main boss of the Hollow of Thorns dungeon, have been optimized. Now their use should not cause a heavy load on the device and dropping frames.
  • Updated in-game help content in the Quests, Raids, and Guild Wars tabs.
  • There is no longer an “Activities” tab in the guild interface; instead, you can find two separate sections in the menu - “Assignments” and “Raids”.
  • The cost of fast travel is now correctly displayed when using any waypoint.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the battle with the final opponent on the Dynamic Area in the location of the Gloomy Swamp - Female Thornhorn, did not count towards the “Endless Journey” quest.
  • Now the passive mark of the “Falconry” ability does not disappear from the monster if the Hunter leaves the area of its aggression, and the ability will be correctly applied on targets that are in the area of the skill.
  • Fixed the work of glyphs in the Guardian skill “Arsenal of Heaven” — now all effects work correctly after the death of a character.


That's all we wanted to tell you today, and as usual, not all that we have been working on and continue to work on at the moment. Don't forget to share your thoughts on the changes with us. And we will not forget to tell and show you even more cool new products very soon!

See you in the game!

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Is there a way to tell apart quests of two factions? For those of us who WANT to complete only the original quest line of a corresponding race, that would be great.

Perhaps mark them with a different colour? or even better, to have an option to hide those quests. More quests are better, but adding quests of opposing faction is a lazy approach to make more quests...and it breaks continuity.

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